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Allegro PCB Design
High-speed PCB layout, routing, and manufacturing output

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CadenceŽ AllegroŽ PCB Design suites is the leading physical and electrical constraint-driven PCB layout and interconnect system. The design suites contain everything needed to take a PCB design from concept to production with a fully integrated design flow including design capture, component tools, a PCB editor, and an auto/interactive router as well as interfaces for manufacturing, and mechanical CAD. A common database architecture, use model and library offers fully scalable PCB giving you the ability to grow and expand as designs and design challenges increase in complexity.

Key benefits

Includes a comprehensive feature set and a new intuitive user interface
Provides a complete interconnect environment from basic/advanced floorplanning and routing through strategic planning and global routing
Speeds advanced designs with high-speed rules/constraints
Features a front-to-back constraint management system for constraint creation, management, and validation
Offers advanced technologies such as design partitioning, PCB and router performance options

Allegro PCB Design is available in the following configurations:

Allegro PCB Design L
  Provides an entry-level configuration of the industry's leading design system for complete PCB layout and routing.

Allegro PCB Design XL
  Extends the L family to provide higher levels of design assistance to the end-user, including design partitioning, design for assembly analysis, and other enhancements.

Allegro PCB Design GXL
  Comprises the most advanced configuration of PCB layout and interconnect design technology, including a global route environment for automated, intelligent planning and routing.

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An integrated technology platform supports the VSIC model, IP availability, and silicon design-in technology
An integrated technology platform supports the VSIC model, IP availability, and silicon design-in technology

Webinar Series for Custom IC Designers
Global Route Environment technology for Allegro PCB design
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